Burnley dad has case dismissed in court

A Burnley dad arrested over domestic abuse allegations, whilst in hospital with a “life-threatening” condition, has had the case against him dismissed after the alleged victim didn’t turn up to give evidence.

Thursday, 25th July 2019, 11:10 am
Burnley Magistrates' Court
Burnley Magistrates' Court

Simon Rooney had been taken from his bed at the Royal Blackburn Hospital, put before magistrates, locked up and had been ill in jail.

He was later freed and put on a curfew, after the claims made by his former partner. She made several allegations about his behaviour when she was his ex, which she said, included death threats, damaging her underwear and forcing her off the road, Burnley magistrates were told.

Rooney (35) was due to stand trial in the case, said to have cost the taxpayer “a significant amount of money,” on Wednesday. A witness summons had earlier been issued for her attendance and, the court was told, had been served on her on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the prosecution asked for the case against Rooney to be adjourned on the basis the alleged victim may participate in future hearings. The case had already been adjourned once, on June 5th, when the summons had been issued.

Rooney’s solicitor Mr Dylan Bradshaw told the hearing: “It’s quite clear she has withdrawn her support for the prosecution. There’s a retraction statement.”

The magistrates refused to adjourn the hearing and said it must proceed. The prosecution then offered no evidence in respect of all the allegations, the case was dismissed by the Bench and Rooney was told he was free to leave court.

Rooney, formerly of Burnley, but now of Sherwyn Road, Liverpool, had been accused of driving without due care and attention, on Oxford Road, Burnley, using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour and £100 criminal damage, last August 28th, criminal damage to the alleged victim’s clothing and underwear, last October 20th and harassment by threatening to kill her in person and making further threats over the phone, between January 21st and 24th.

The defendant was also charged with stalking involving serious alarm/ distress, by making death threats, damaging property, attending her address, contacting her and telling her he had taken an overdose and would kill her if she left his bedside, between last August 27th and January 25th.

He had pleaded not guilty to all the allegations, on January 25th and February 7th.