Burnley burglar sent to prison

Glenn Kennedy
Glenn Kennedy

A Burnley man cried out his innocence to a judge as he was jailed for a burglary that caused £1,250 worth of damage.

Glen Kennedy (44) had pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to steal at a house in Penistone Street, near to where he lived at the time.

He was sent to jail for 21 months by Judge Simon Newell at Burnley Crown Court. As the judge read out the sentence, Kennedy, of Tennis Street, Burnley, called out: “I didn’t strip it.”

The court was told the copper piping and radiators had been stripped from the house, causing considerable damage.

Tenants at the property had moved out a fortnight earlier, and before the burglary the house was still fit to live in and was furnished.

Miss Sarah Statham (prosecuting) said Kennedy had been seen going into the property and wearing red gloves. When police went to the house they found him in the kitchen, but he refused to open the door.

When the officers went into the house they found him holding a piece of beading. The house was in disrepair, cupboards were open and copper piping was stacked up, ready for removal.

The red gloves were on the table and there was also a rucksack with a spanner and a pair of wire cutters.

When he was arrested he made no comment at his interview.

Miss Hannah Woods (defending) said Kennedy knew the house was not occupied and had been there only a couple of minutes when the police arrived. When he went in the house it was already in a poor state of repair, and he did not force entry.

Miss Woods said Kennedy readily admitted he had had a chaotic lifestyle, being addicted to amphetamines and heroin, but he was hoping to make a fresh start.

Kennedy was brought to court after being arrested because he failed to attend a court hearing.

Miss Woods said he had been confused about the date.