Burnley back yard arsonists “put lives at risk” says fire chief


Fire chiefs accused arsonists of “putting lives at risk” after a pile of rubbish was torched in a Burnley back yard.

Firebugs crept into the yard and ignited bin bags behind the property in Raglan Road on Tuesday night.

But the fire spread across the yard and set light to a shed and another outhouse in a neighbouring property at around 11pm.

The flames spread to the windows of the terraced property and narrowly avoided setting fire to the kitchen.

Crew manager Caroline Harrison, of Burnley Fire Station, said: “The fire grew quickly due to the flammable nature of the items ignited and spread to property.

“Only due to the vigilance of neighbours that this fire did not escalate to a much more serious incident as it was only minutes away from full involvement of the kitchen.

“Fire crews used hose reels to tackle the fire.”

Crew manager Harrison added: “Deliberate fires can cost lives. They also put a strain on fire service resources that may be required elsewhere.

She urged people to contact Crimestoppers over suspected deliberate fires by calling on 0800 555 111.