Burnley alcoholic breached ASBO after getting drunk on 40th birthday

Burnley Magistrates' Court.
Burnley Magistrates' Court.

A chronic alcoholic banned from every shop in Burnley breached his ASBO after drunken 40th birthday celebrations.

Anthony Cross was seen stealing £10-worth of cans from the Co-operative in Burnley on his birthday – despite being prohibited from entering stores anywhere in the borough.

The defendant was then caught in the Vodaphone shop in Burnley town centre. He admitted theft and two ASBO breaches, before Burnley magistrates.

The court heard Cross, who was given the ASBO in May, had been recovering from alcoholism at a Christian-run rehab centre in Manchester.

But he returned to spend his 40th birthday with his daughter and family and ended up drunk.

The court heard how Cross was spotted drunk in the Co-op where he stole £10-worth of alcohol on August 12th. He also entered the phone shop in the town centre.

Mark Williams (defending) said his client had beaten drug addiction but had slipped into serious alcoholism over the past six years.

Mr Williams explained the defendant’s drink problems had left him with nowhere to go and landed him in trouble for falling asleep in Marks and Spencer’s changing rooms and in vehicles left unlocked overnight.

Since a similar breach of his ASBO, just days after it was imposed on May 14th, the defendant had sought help and was recovering at the rehab centre run by ex-addicts.

Mr Williams said: “He has been there since May and they have been helping him with his alcoholism. On his 40th birthday he came back to Burnley to see his daughter and sister and used that as an excuse to drink.

“He has done well for three months up until his birthday.”

The defendant, who named Lower Seedley Road, Salford, as his address, was sentenced to carry out a 10-session requirement order over the next six months. He was also ordered to pay a £60 victim surcharge and £10 compensation.