Burgling ‘friends’ pledge to go their separate ways

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A pair of burglars will go their separate ways after being convicted of trying to break into a house together.

Partners-in-crime Daniel Taylor and Dominic McEvoy (both 23) tried to break into a house in Burnley through a window but were spotted by police, a court heard.

While on bail for this, McEvoy then committed a further offence when he shinned up a drainpipe and got into a home in Padiham, where he pinched a ladies’ ring and moved things around.

Judge Woolman, at Burnley Crown Court, gave them both an eight month prison sentence but the childhood friends had already spent time in custody and so Taylor, who had already served four months, was let out while McEvoy, who had served two months, will be let out soon.

But they have decided to go their separate ways and end their friendship because, said their lawyer Robert Elias, they brought out the worst in each other.

Taylor, of Queen Victoria Road, Burnley, and McEvoy, of Trinity Close, Padiham, both admitted attempted burglary at a house on Glen View Road, Burnley. McEvoy also pleaded guilty to burglary at a property on Villiers Street, Padiham, on September 23th.

Sentencing, Judge Woolman said Taylor had a serious record for house burglary and had the offence been an actual burglary, he would have been facing a minimum of three years behind bars.

However, Taylor has recently been successfully involved in football coaching and, the hearing was told, the police and probation service have been working hard to try and keep him on the straight and narrow.

McEvoy, who said the judge did not have such a serious record as his friend, will stay behind bars for another few weeks.