Cricket field and homes flooding fears

Rain stopped play: Lowerhouse CC last June
Rain stopped play: Lowerhouse CC last June
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Plans to build a huge warehouse overlooking homes and a cricket field will cause frequent flooding, according to worried residents and the cricket club.

An application to build a builders merchants on land in Liverpool Road has been slammed by Lowerhouse Cricket Club and homeowners in nearby streets, which have flooded numerous times in recent years.

Burnley Council’s Development Control Committee will consider the application when it meets on Thursday.

The club’s West End ground was badly flooded as recently as June last year when a freak rain storm submerged parts of the outfield, as well as around 20 homes in Lowerhouse Lane, when water cascading down from the land planned for development.

The club has now lodged its objection on drainage grounds, referring to a partially blocked drain on Lowerhouse Lane which was discovered 12 months ago.

This was responsible for last year’s flood which also hit the streets and houses of Lowerhouse Fold, Lowerhouse Lane, Back Lowerhouse Lane and Back Thornhill Street and Thornhill Street.

The blockage causes water to back up, blowing three manholes on the cricket club at the bottom of the ground and creating a pond measuring an acre or more.

Burnley Council has also received 10 letters of objection from nearby residents who believe that the development field used to regularly flood but with more buildings, tarmac, climate change and heavier rainstorms, excess water now puts houses at risk of flooding.

Changes to the topography of the business park site has also changed the natural run-off channels and gullies.

Residents also criticised applicants’ Flood Risk Assessment as it fails to take into account actual flooding events.

However, council officers have informed the committee that subject to conditions, to require a surface water drainage scheme and management plan, they believe the development would not significantly affect the risk of flooding on-site or elsewhere.

The committee will meet on Thursday at 6-30pm.