Couple celebrate £3,500,000 National Lottery win!

A LUCKY nursery school teacher has scooped a sensational £3.5m. share of the Lotto Rollover jackpot.

Hilary Bennette (54) who works at a Burnley pre-school, struck gold with her husband Geoff (61) when their numbers came up in the Saturday draw on June 18th.

They are now planning how to spend their £3,530,707 fortune – with globe-trotting travel and a new Mini Cooper topping the shopping list.

The dumb-struck couple, who have three grown-up children, discovered the once-in-a-lifetime win when Geoff checked their ticket on Ceefax at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning.

He said: “I saw all of our six numbers on the screen and just stared at them in amazement. Hilary was still asleep so I ran upstairs and woke her up so she could double check the numbers. She came down and we both just stared at the TV and then each other for ages.

“I managed to keep the news to myself all day but Hilary and I celebrated with a bottle of champagne when I got home that night before calling Camelot first thing on Monday morning.”

Despite the dream win, Hilary, who teaches children, hopes to carry on working until she retires when the couple hope to buy a new home.

School governor Geoff said: “We love to travel – we went to Australia a few years ago so it would be great to go back and see more of the country and visit New Zealand at the same time. Canada and the USA are also on our list so we’ll definitely use some of the win to plan a few trips.”

Geoff, who is retired, also wants to buy a brand new Mini Cooper – the first car he ever owned.


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He added: “Hilary is close to retirement so the win has come at a great time. We haven’t given it much thought but it would be lovely to live near the coast perhaps.”

The latest big Lotto win in the area comes just months after Padiham bachelor Anthony Young (33) won £2.38m. in the draw.

The winning Lucky Dip ticket was bought from the Tesco Extra in Accrington. The winning numbers were 3, 8, 10, 35, 38, 39.