Countdown for re-opening of Padiham Town Hall two years after it was hit by floods

Padiham Town Hall, one of the worst hit casualties of the Boxing Day floods in 2015, is due to re-open in November. almost two years after the disaster.

Thursday, 17th August 2017, 10:27 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:28 pm
Padiham Town Hall

The jewel in Padiham's crown had to close down after it was flooded, along with dozens of shops, businesses and homes during Storm Eva.

Torrential rain caused the River Calder to burst its banks which resulted in the worst flooding the town has seen for 50 years.

A programme of emergency enabling work, including cleaning and drying was carried out at the town hall, followed by a full refurbishment and demolition survey which identified the presence of asbestos in several areas affected by the flooding.

Special contractors had to be brought in to remove the asbestos to allow the refurbishment work to start.

Major repair work, including flood resilience work, on the Grade Two listed building, including replacing the sprung dancefloor in the ballroom, has been a mammoth task.

A Burnley Council spokesman said: “Padiham Town Hall is a listed building and an important historical building.

"Sadly the floods caused extensive damage and not only have we had to carry out repair works sensitively with the architectural heritage in mind, we’ve also carried out flood resilience work to minimise the damage should any flooding happen again in the future.

“We are making every effort to ensure the reinstatement work is carried out in a timely and cost effective manner.

"However, this has proved to be a lengthy process.

"The council has worked with several organisations, including Padiham Town Council, to ensure that events take place as normal and that businesses such as the library have been able to continue to operate, providing a valuable service for the community.

Other work carried out includes re-building the refreshment area, re-decorating the ball room and foyer area, installating new boilers, plaster repairs

mechanical and electrical works.

The flood resilience works include installing removable flood barriers and flood gates, sealing off disused vents and openings, installing non-return valves to the drainage system, and the relocation of boilers and electrical switchgear to the ground floor.

The spokesman added: “The works will also ensure that the building is brought back into use for the town council and the wider community.

"Where possible the aim has been to repair and refurbish rather than replace. The works have been designed to limit any harmful impacts on the listed building.