Council tax bills in Burnley and Padiham to be frozen?

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COUNCIL tax in Burnley looks set to be frozen.

Homeowners expecting steep rises can breathe a sigh of relief after Burnley Council decided to keep costs the same for 2011/12 at a meeting of the Executive Committee.

A final decision will be made at full council next Thursday but with Lancashire County Council and Lancashire Police Authority also electing to freeze their portions of the tax, it looks like one less thing for residents to worry about.

The county collects approximately 70% of the revenue and Burnley Council 16%, while the police pick up 10%. Lancashire Combined Fire Authority has still to announce its decision but as it only collects 4% of the total, a rise by them would only mean the slightest of increases in the tax bill.

The news was welcomed by Burnley Council leader Coun. Charlie Briggs who said it shows the people of Burnley are being thought about.“A lot of hard work has gone into preparing the budget by members of the Executive and the officers. Regardless of what anyone says, we are a council that cares. Freezing the council tax is great for the town and it shows that we have listened to what the people want.

“We are taking action as best we can to help people and everybody feels that making a zero increase in the tax is one of the best ways to go about it.”