Council's rent man Frank bids his final farewells

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YOU can come out from behind the sofa now . . . the rent man's retired!

Frank Edwards, one of the country's last council rent collectors, has hung up his cash bag after 17 years.

Mr Edwards, who lives in Church, joined Ribble Valley Borough Council from the warehouse office of a Bolton textile company in 1988.

At one time he collected about 70 rents a day, but in recent years that number has fallen dramatically.

He said: "Most council tenants, apart from the elderly, now have bank accounts and pay their rent by direct debit. Many council houses have also been sold off, which has further reduced rent collection. Times have certainly changed."

Mr Edwards, who turned 65 last Friday, said he had thoroughly enjoyed his job and had changed a fair few light bulbs in his time!

"A woman once put 20 notes in her rent book, instead of tenners. When I pointed it out, she nearly burst into tears with relief. It helps to be honest in this job.

"I believe if I'm reasonable with people, I'll get the same back. I've been very happy in my job and have no regrets."

He added that it would take most of his retirement to tuck into all the sweets and cakes he had received from appreciative tenants!