Council fees to be looked at in New Year

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Fees and charges set by Burnley Brough Council are to be decided on in the new year.

Charges for some council services are set to increase, although car parking on pay and display off-street car parks, admission to Towneley Hall and fees for playing on municipal golf courses such as Towneley, have all been protected.

The move is part of the process for setting the council’s overall budget for 2014/15.

The fee increase has been set at 2% to be below the consumer price index, although the majority of services will see no increase.

Fees for operators to use Burnley Bus Station look set to go up by 2%, and fees fir garage sites and garden plots could also be increased, although tenants require a minimum of three months’ notice. Therefore, fees would be increased on April 1st.

Coun. Mark Townsend, Executive member for resources and performance management, said: “We realise our residents are living through difficult times and we’ve done what we can to avoid increasing charges if possible, or at least keeping any increase to a minimum.

“We do have to balance the council budget and ensure we take sensible and responsible steps to ensure services are financially viable.”