Complex-needs recovery refuge centre opens in Burnley

The North's first complex-needs recovery refuge centre has opened in Burnley, offering safe temporary accommodation for those at risk of domestic abuse.

John and Penny Clough at the official opening of Janes Place.
John and Penny Clough at the official opening of Janes Place.

Named Jane’s Place in memory of Jane Clough, who was brutally killed by her ex-partner in 2010, the SafeNet recovery refuge opened its doors on Friday, June 16th.

The first establishment of its kind in the North, the refuge offers accommodation to those with complex needs, include mental or physical health, drug or alcohol use, self-harming, offending behaviours, sex working, grooming, and trafficking.

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"When all other doors have closed, at Jane’s Place we will keep our door open,” a statement read.

Recognising the increased vulnerability of those at risk of domestic abuse, the SafeNet refuge will deliver in house domestic abuse support alongside health recovery programmes, supporting women and children’s recovery to take back control of their lives, and move forward positively.

“It's a positive step," said Jane’s parents, John and Penny Clough - themselves SafeNet Patrons. "It's amazing that it has actually happened and that we have a complex needs refuge actually in Lancashire.

“People will be able to get support, care and safety where they could not get it before because of the complex needs issues," they added. “We now have this amazing purpose built facility with all the support services needed to help the most vulnerable domestic abuse victims.”

“It is incredibly emotive, and Jane would have absolutely applauded this. There’s a lot of dedication and hard work gone into making this happen and we want to say thank you to everybody who has contributed.”

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