Closer Europe ties crucial for social learning

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The people of Burnley could benefit from closer ties with Europe, according to the chairman of the Burnley Twinning Association.

Burnley was one of twelve towns awarded the European Diploma this year.

The European Diploma is the first of four prizes awarded to towns committed to ‘European ideals’.

David Smith, chairman of the Burnley Twinning Association, proudly received the award on the town’s behalf.

“I felt privileged to represent Burnley and receive the award,” he said.

“We would love to apply for the next award (The Flag of Honour), but it is a very slow process and will take time.

“We will have to show that we have done things differently and also show we are continuing to do things.”

Burnley Borough Council has a long-standing commitment to fostering relationships with Europe.

In the past 10 years groups from Burnley have made official visits to Slovenia, Germany, Spain and Lithuania.

But despite the town’s recent success, David Smith wants to develop links with the continent even further.

“Twinnings and closer ties perform an important role in cultural and social education,” he said.

“I have learnt so much about people and culture in other countries. But a lot of people do not know a lot of things that have happened.

“I would love for us to have more and stronger links with Europe.”

The Burnley Twinning Association will celebrate winning the European Diploma with a ceremony in Burnley Central Library in September.