Cliviger super slimmer Scott (25) loses 10 stone

Super slimmer Scott - before
Super slimmer Scott - before

SUPER slimmer Scott Orpin is a shadow of his former self.

Ten months ago, 25-year-old Scott weighed in at 25 stone, but he has since lost more than 10 stone.

Super slimmer Scott - after

Super slimmer Scott - after

Scott said: “It’s a big change. I’ve spent 25 years of my life being big, so I’m still getting to grips with it and, obviously, I’m over the moon.

“When I go shopping, I can wear what I want and I can walk where I want to go and I’ve even joined a gym. Life is a lot easier.”

One of the biggest changes in Scott’s life involves his job. As a home-visiting carer, Scott sometimes struggled if space was restricted, but now there is no such difficulty.

His patients followed his progress as the weight dropped off and were full of encouragement.

And caring does not end for Scott when he finishes his day with Crossroads.

When he returns home to Mount Lane, Cliviger, he cares for his grandma, Sheila, and his cousin, Jonathan.

“They’ve seen a big change in me,” said Scott. “It’s a whole new life”.

Scott lost his weight after signing up to LighterLife and had a soups, shakes and bars diet combined with guidance sessions.

He is now gradually introducing normal food and is on three meals a day.

He added: “I always loved my job and have always been a cheerful person.

“Finally having control of my weight, and taking care of myself, means I understand how much of a difference I am making to people’s lives every day by helping with simple things.

“Losing the weight has made pushing wheelchairs and moving people and objects about so much easier.

“Everything I do is quicker and simpler.”