CLIVIGER: Preparations underway for flower show

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FLOWER SHOW – Schedules for the 53rd annual flower show have been delivered to homes in Cliviger. If you have not received one and would like to enter, contact 422709 or 423743.

Entries for the photographic section must be handed to a committee member before Saturday, August 6th so judging can take place in the week before the show, which takes place on August 13th. Entries in other sections will be received at the village hall on the day of the show from 9-30 a.m. to 11-15 a.m.. Will last year’s trophy winners please ensure their trophy is returned.

WHIST DRIVE – Prize winners at the whist drive held in the village hall were: 1st lady, Mrs J. Metcalfe; 2nd, Mrs G. Smith; consolation, Mrs W. Newham; 1st gent, Mrs G.M. Walsh; 2nd, Mr L. Cutler; consolation, Mrs O. Western. At the domino drive, first prize was won by Mrs E. Nicholson; 2nd, Mrs B. Robinson; 3rd, Mrs J. Cottam; consolation, Mrs P. Longrigg. The competition was won by Mrs B. Robinson and the next whist drive will be held on Thursday.

ST JOHN’S CHURCH – Parish services will be held in a classroom in the former St John’s School building from Sunday until further notice as the Church House is closed for maintenance work. Access to the former school will be at the rear of the building.

NEW TO YOU – This event will now be held in the village hall on August 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th, with fashion shows in the village hall on the evenings of August 17th and 18th. Items can be handed to any PCC member or contact Mrs M. Shorrock or Mrs R. Pickles.

PLAYATHON – Thanks went to Mrs Janet Westmoreland and her pupils who worked hard to make the Playathon a success. It raised more than £1,200 for the church roof fund.

CONFIRMATION – The confirmation service will take place in November, with preparations beginning in September. Young people wishing to be confirmed need to be aged 11 or over and in secondary education. For more information, contact Fr Keith Henshall.

FRIENDLY HOUR – Members had an enjoyable afternoon on Tuesday when Ken and Ann Dixon recalled a holiday inNepal this year. They showed pictures of the people, architecture and scenes of the Himalayas taken from the aircraft. Preliminary arrangements were discussed for a trip to Fleetwood in late August. Meetings will continue to be held from 1-45 p.m. to 3-15 p.m. in August.