CLIVIGER: ‘Come Dine With Me’ mayoress is Friendly Hour guest

PARISH COUNCIL – Residents of Red Lees held their first Neighbourhood Watch meeting. Councillors reported that potholes in the roads needed refilling and Mount Lane needs resurfacing. A drainage gate in Red Lees Road is sinking and needs attention. Repair work to street lights at the Dyneley Avenue junction could be delayed for up to a month but councillors said it was unacceptable. PCSOs have been told about drivers ignoring zig-zag markings at the school. The clerk will write to the school.

Attention was drawn to £1.2m. reduction in Burnley Council’s grant which will impact on grants to parishes. And complaints were made about the path by the river in Park Road being covered in moss and the crusher being used at the council yard in Burnley Road.

The precept for the next financial year will remain the same and the chairman declined his allowance because of the economic climate.

Concern was expressed about road safety throughout the parish and the council will lobby Lancashire County Council to provide rumble strips in several areas.

The council received a letter from Firstbus apologising for disruption to bus service during roadworks.

The next meeting will be on February 18th at 7 p.m. in the village hall.

WHIST – Winners at the whist drive in the village hall were: Mrs J. Crabtree, Mrs L. Gauton, Mrs G.M. Walsh, Mrs G. Smith. The domino drive winners were: Mr E. Heys, Mrs J. Cottam, Mr D. Wrathall, Mrs M. Heys. The raffle was won by Mrs Heys. The next whist and domino drive is on Thursday.

FRIENDLY HOUR – Members celebrated a member’s 90th birthday with games, cake and tea. On Tuesday, the guest speaker is Mayoress of Padiham Carol Stinton.