Children's "Keep Us Safe" campaign drives home parking message to Burnley parents

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A hard hitting campaign to encourage motorists to drive and park safer has been launched by pupils at a Burnley primary school.

Children at Whittlefield Primary were so fed up with motorists parking irresponsibly outside their school in Tabor Street they held a mini protest march.

Mrs Kershaw with pupils Carben Barton (11) George Hardiman (nine) Lacey Blackburn (eight) Harry McDevitt (eight) Mya Kelly (seven) and Oliver Bryant (seven).

Mrs Kershaw with pupils Carben Barton (11) George Hardiman (nine) Lacey Blackburn (eight) Harry McDevitt (eight) Mya Kelly (seven) and Oliver Bryant (seven).

Armed with home-made posters the pupils held the march at pick-up time.

And the children even chanted their own slogan "Keep Us Safe."

Several passing motorists waved and pipped their horns in approval at the pupils who were thrilled at the positive response to their campaign.

Headteacher Mrs Helen Kershaw said: "The children are passionate about this campaign and it was them who came up the chant as we staged the march because they feel very strongly about sending a message to drivers.

"The majority of parents were in favour of the campaign and supported us because all we are trying to do is ask them not to speed and to park more considerately when dropping off or collecting children."

Parking at the school has worsened in recent months with many drivers stopping on double yellow lines and the zig zag lines outside school which makes it dangerous for children to cross the road.

Some cars even mount the pavement so that mums with prams heading for the school have to walk in the road to get round, which is putting them in danger

Several pleas for more considerate parking in the school newsletter have been ignored so Mrs Kershaw decided stronger action was necessary.

She said: "We have taken this action but feel that stronger measures may be needed in the future if this does not work.

"Keeping children safe is our first priority and and we teach all our children road safety when they start in nursery and until they leave us in year six."

One resident, who has lived close to the school for 20 years, said she watched "near miss" accidents on a regular basis, saying: "Drivers just seem to park anywhere and it has certainly got worse in the last few years."

Mrs Kershaw added: "We can't change where our school is or the roads around it but hopefully by making people aware of the dangers we can change where they choose to park."