Champion Burnley strongman in league of his own

A champion Burnley strongman is looking to test the mettle of powerhouse athletes across East Lancashire.

Wayne Fulton (30) who was crowned Bolton’s Strongest Man in his debut novice show, wants to test the strength of the area’s biggest men.

Wayne Fulton who is preparing to take part in the qualifiers for England's Strongest Man.

Wayne Fulton who is preparing to take part in the qualifiers for England's Strongest Man.

The Harle Syke hulk, who has only been training in the sport for two years, has now created the Burnley and Pendle Strongman League which will see competitors battle it out in everything from log lifts and tyre flips to deadlifts and atlas stones.

Hundreds of strongman contenders from across the country have already registered an interest in competing ahead of the first contest in November. Wayne believes it could spark a renaissance in strongman events in East Lancashire and if it is a success he could be ready to run a Burnley’s Strongest Man title.

IT specialist Wayne, who set up the venture with his wife, said: “It always seems to be Bolton, Liverpool or Manchester for strongman events – there is nothing in Burnley so I thought I would do something myself.

“I set up a website and started a Facebook group called Burnley and Pendle Strongman League.

“Since then I have been getting hundreds of requests from all over the country from people wanting to join in and compete. It has just gone nuts. Everyone wants a piece of it and we are really excited about it.”

The first Burnley and Pendle Strongman League event will see a “push/pull challenge” take place on November 8th at Rosegrove Railway Club. Twenty lifters are lined up for the contest which will see competitors battle it out in deadlift and log press which three attempts on each to clock the highest score.

The winner will claim big prizes and even a golden atlas stone from sponsors which include Colne’s Muscle Meat and East Lancashire’s Mass Nutrition.

Wayne is hoping it will boost the profile of the sport in East Lancashire.

He said: “I have had so many people asking how I got into strongman and how to get started.

“It used to be an elite sport in the 90s but now it is becoming more accessible like weightlifting and people want to join in.

“I hope this will give people a way into the sport. If it goes well I hope to hold Burnley’s Strongest Man next year.”