CCTV to be fitted into Pendle taxis

CCTV cameras in Pendle’s taxis will make life safer for both the drivers and customers.

Monday, 29th November 2010, 4:15 pm

Pendle Community Safety Partnership is stepping up security in the borough’s taxis ready for the busy Christmas period.

The partnership has funded new CCTV camera equipment which will be fitted in hackney and private hire vehicles across Pendle.

The innovative scheme was first introduced to the borough at the beginning of this year, giving Pendle taxi drivers greater protection and improving the safety of their customers.

The new, improved state-of-the-art cameras are part of the same campaign to reduce the number of alcohol-related incidents in taxis. hey monitor the whole vehicle - recording sound and images.

Jackie Allen, Pendle Council taxi licensing manager, added: “We are confident that this scheme greatly improves the safety of our drivers and provides them with greater peace of mind.

“Both drivers and passengers know that any criminal behaviour, whether racist, an assault or robbery, will be captured on camera and will be used to assist criminal investigations.”

Coun. Pauline McCormick, chairman of Pendle Council’s Taxi Licensing Sub-Committee, added: “We know that these cameras help protect both the customers and drivers by preventing anti-social behaviour and crime.

“Every hackney or private hire vehicle is fitted with window stickers warning passengers that images and audio may be recorded and used as evidence.”

Mr Mohammed Akram, the boss at Nelson-based Cavalier Taxis, said: “By installing new cameras, we are showing our drivers and customers that we continue to value their safety.

“This is an excellent initiative which helps taxi drivers and customers have peace of mind as well as improve their own personal safety.”

Sgt Keith Beckley added: “We introduced this scheme in Pendle so that we can reassure drivers and their passengers that we’re looking out for their safety. We know that schemes like this have been successful elsewhere, greatly reducing the number of crimes committed.

“Drivers cannot access the images themselves and they will only be downloaded when an incident has been reported and evidence may have been recorded.”