Caring Sally has eyes opened on volunteering trip to Kenya

Sally Coupe with a Kenyan family
Sally Coupe with a Kenyan family
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A kind-hearted young woman has returned to Padiham from a life-changing trip to Kenya.

Nursery worker Sally Coupe (21) said she now looks at the world in a different light after teaching schoolchildren life skills in the poverty-stricken African country.

Sally in Kenya

Sally in Kenya

Former Shuttleworth College student Sally worked with international development organisation VSO, as part of the UK government funded International Citizen Service programme.

She said: “My trip to Kenya really opened my eyes about how tough life is for some people in the world.

“I was staying with a local family in poverty which allowed me to experience the culture of what is a very different country to ours.

“There was no electricity or running water, and so we had to fetch water in a jerry can every day. I see life differently now, and I would recommend such a trip to anyone.”

Sally, who helped to teach key life-skills to children and tackle the causes of poverty, said she was shocked by the level of corruption in the country, particularly from the police.

She added: “The police were always demanding bribes or payment which shocked me. I also took part in some local eating customs including eating a cockroach and drinking a cow’s blood.

“Ultimately, though, I went with the aim of making a difference to one child, but I think I actually made a difference to a lot more, which makes me very proud.

“I would love to go back in the future.”