Car crashes into Burnley Tesco

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A FREAK accident saw a car roll dangerously at speed down Centenary Way before smashing into the side of Burnley’s Tesco store – with a terrified pensioner as a passenger.

The red BMW had broken down near the top of Centenary Way, forcing the driver, Harry Hackwood (74) from Haslingden, to stop the car at lunchtime on Thursday.

But, to his horror, the car started rolling away seconds after he got out – with his terrified friend, Sheila Aspinall (62) from Rawtenstall, a helpless passenger. Shards of glass showered the surrounding area as the car arrowed into the window.

Tesco trading manager Martin Squire said: “There was an almighty crash as the car smashed into the glass window next to our travelator.

“It was such a freak accident but luckily neither shoppers or the occupant of the car were injured. Our store first-aiders rushed out and helped the lady but an ambulance arrived very soon afterwards. I think she was just very shaken-up.”