Campaigners bridging divides

A tribute to Yorkshire MP Jo Cox will conclude the event
A tribute to Yorkshire MP Jo Cox will conclude the event
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Campaigners are spreading hope in the face of hate to bring people together from different backgrounds through a social meet-up next month.

As dusk falls a laser beam will blaze through the evening sky providing a symbol of hope for future community relations.

A tribute to Yorkshire MP Jo Cox, killed in June, will conclude the event.

Jason Hunter, founder of the East Lancashire branch of non-party Hope Not Hate, said: “Socialising in a welcoming setting like this brings people closer together and breaks down barriers and prejudices.”

The event will carry the theme of “Pull up a chair and chat”.

It follows, Jason explained, the bitter division revealed during the EU Referendum and the blame laid unfairly at the feet of immigrants and asylum seekers for society’s problems, from Government cutbacks to reduced funding for the NHS.

“It also saw people who were genuinely worried about such problems wrongly tarred as racists because of the tone of the campaign,” he added.

Hate, the organisation believes, results from a loss of hope and a need to demonstrate despair with the political status quo.

The meet-up will be held on Saturday, September 3rd in the Peace Garden next to Burnley Central Library at 7pm.