Calico staff on Ugandan mercy mission

Natasha Holt at Fort Portal, Uganda.
Natasha Holt at Fort Portal, Uganda.
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Calico staff are helping children in Uganda to learn for a second year running.

Donna Tetley, Natasha Holt and Hannah Buckley travelled to Fort Portal in the poverty-hit African country through the One Brick at a Time scheme to improve and renovate educational and health centres in the area.

The group has already taken part in raffles and inter-company football tournaments to raise over £4,000 for the cause.

They also took with them exercise books donated by Accrington company Direct-Ed for local children.

Donna said: “The books will make such a difference to the children of Fort Portal’s learning experiences.

“We’ve all been blown away by everyone’s generosity. Their support will make a huge difference.”

Natasha Holt at Fort Portal, Uganda.