Byerden's big live bash a huge success

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A rip-roaring day of live music has helped pull  one of Burnley’s most iconic clubs away from the brink of closure.

The Byerden House Benefit Bash raised more than £2,500 for the struggling Colne Road club, which has been a victim of dwindling attendances and rising running costs.

A selection of the artists who performed on the day. Photos by Mickzeemouse Photography

A selection of the artists who performed on the day. Photos by Mickzeemouse Photography

More than 300 people turned out to watch a feast of live music with club secretary Mark Procter calling the day “legendary”.

“I was hoping there would be a big crowd but I didn’t expect it to be jammers all day. It was incredible, I couldn’t believe it.

“The atmosphere was brilliant and the feedback we have received has been extremely positive. One person said, ‘It was like being back down Bank Hall Miners’.

“The bands were superb. They all played for free and we couldn’t be more grateful. Because they were playing for free they went around with come collection buckets for themselves but they ended up giving the money to us as well.

“I would also like to thank Phil Schofield and Dawn Mulgrew who helped to organise the event. Without their input and their efforts it wouldn’t have been possible.”

Phil said the day had exceeded all expectations.

“We just couldn’t believe how well it went. I was expecting there to be a big crowd but for them to be there all day, from the beginning right up until then end, it was just superb.

“Every band was excellent and the staff at Byerden House were marvellous as well; the whole day was just brilliant.”

Bands who took part included The Switch, Losing Touch, Covered in Punk, Roadkill Revival, Badhands, The Charly Syndrome, Deacon Brody, Rhiain, Odall, Daughter of Darkness, Rob Wells, Jason Milburn and Breezico.

Mark said the club was certainly not out of the woods yet though and it was now all about keeping the momentum going.

“We’re going to look at putting a Sunday band event on once a month; not as many bands as we had on for this, maybe three.

“It has certainly made me a lot more positive about the situation. It restores your faith in the club scene and hopefully this will now be the start of something.”