Busy Christmas for ambulance crews

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AMBULANCE crews in Burnley and across the North-West reported a 10% rise in high priority calls on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Emergency crews responded to almost 6,000 calls over the two days, with the highest incident types being

breathing problems, falls and chest pain.

Mr Derek Cartwright, operations director for the North-West Ambulance Service, said: “We always see an increase in emergency calls at this time of year but this year has been exceptional.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank NWAS staff for all their hard work in caring for the population of the North-West.

“The Christmas period can be a confusing time for people who need to access the NHS. Many people call 999 when their symptoms could be treated elsewhere.

“As we approach New Year, it is important that people remember 999 is for serious and life-threatening emergencies. Please help us to help the most vulnerable people, by keeping ambulances free to deal with genuine emergencies.”