Veteran’s fury over ‘swamp’ at his back door

WET MESS: Paul Tunstill in his saturated back garden
WET MESS: Paul Tunstill in his saturated back garden
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A former soldier is unhappy that the garden in his new home is flooded.

Afghanistan and Iraq veteran Paul Tunstill, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder says the situation is making his condition worse.

The 38-year-old moved into the new property at Oak Bank Mill, Casterton Avenue, in December 2013 but says the garden is “like a swamp” because of poor drainage.

He said: “I have six children and two dogs but none of them can play outside because of the state of the garden.

“The lawn is saturated, even during dry periods. My wife Carley and I are getting very down about this. You don’t expect this when you move into a brand new home.”

Mr Tunstill was deafened in one ear and discharged from the Army following a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan while serving with the Royal Military Police in 2010.

He is now on medication for PTSD.

He added: “We called the developers Seddon Homes who came out and re-turfed the garden.

“If anything, that has made it worse. The drainage needs looking at. It is like a big boggy mess.

“We are angry because Seddon said they did the re-turfing as a ‘goodwill gesture’. Sometimes we have inches of water over the patio. It is not acceptable.”

The Burnley Express tried to contact Seddon Homes on two occasions, but no comment has been provided.