Russians visit Burnley after Economist slurs


Burnley has made it onto Russian TV screens after a news channel visited the area following claims that towns like Burnley should be left to rot.

Russia Today interviewed Burnley MP Gordon Britwsitle about the controversial article in the Economist magazine and were taken on a tour of the town which included stops at the University Technical College, Manchester Road train station, Burnley College and Charter Walk.

“They heard about that article and had seen my response so asked if they could come and visit Burnley and see for themselves what it was like,” said Mr Birtwislte “They were blown away by what they saw. They spent the whole day looking around. They thought UTC was incredible and the work on Manchester Road station was very positive.”

The article urged government ministers not to use tax breaks or spending money to encourage people to go the cities and towns because it diverted them from areas where “they would be more successful”.

Mr Birtwistle said he had offered to take the article’s author on a tour around Burnley but had been turned down.

“Unsurprisingly, he said he was too busy to come to Burnley right at this moment in time,” said Mr Birtwistle.