Pendle construction firm switches to ‘green’ diesel

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The construction industry is currently under huge pressure to reduce its environmental impact and so Barnfield Construction has adopted Crown Oil’s carbon offset diesel for all its on-site fuelling.

Barnfield is committed to sustainable construction, securing certification for its environmental management policy, and, following an in-depth environmental audit, plans to reduce further the carbon footprint of the business.

“As part of our continuous programme of improvement we were concerned about emissions from our large vehicle and plant base,” said contracts manager James Webber. “We had considered using biodiesel, but rejected this on the grounds many plant items would need expensive modification. The carbon offset product from Crown provided an answer to this problem that we could implement much more easily. In addition to providing fuel, Crown Oil was able to advise us on more efficient diesel usage. This complements our policy of updating plant with more efficient equipment as it is renewed.”

Crown Oil general manager Mark Andrews explained: “Our carbon offset diesel is standard red diesel for use in site plant such as excavators, dump trucks, generators and cranes. We have bought high quality carbon offset credits from a company engaged in carbon reduction and sequestration projects worldwide. Like all diesel, our product does emit carbon into the atmosphere, but this is cancelled out by applying the carbon offset credits.”