Padiham Greenway extension will stay on ice

Padiham Greenway
Padiham Greenway
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Ambitious plans to extend the Padiham Greenway may have to stay on the drawing board.

Campaigners would like to see the Greenway extended towards Great Harwood to make a cycleway and path that would stretch across to Blackburn.

But the owner of the railway track in the affected area, known as the Martholme Viaduct, is totally opposed to the scheme, members of Padiham Town Council heard this week.

County Coun. Marcus Johnstone told the meeting that although Lancashire County Council did have right of way and could challenge the landowner the case would be subject to a judicial review.

He said: “We have been advised by legal experts not to do this as it could potentally cost thousands and is a case that we could lose.’’

County Coun. Johnstone spoke out after Coun. James Kirk said there were several rumours and hearsay surrounding the proposed extension.

Coun. Bob Clark, who is part of a committee that promotes and enhances the Greenway, said the problem was a legal issue.

He said: “We have raised money and been given grants to enhance the Greenway and some have suggested we use some of that cash to fight this case.

“But this is not what the money is intended for and we do not have the expertise to deal with something like this.’’