Lung cancer death of Padiham man (68)

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A pathologist could not be certain whether exposure to asbestos or smoking caused the death of a Padiham man.

An inquest was held at Burnley Coroner’s Court into the death of Mr Peter Dicioccio who died on April 23rd this year.

Mr Dicioccio (68) had worked as a self-employed builder and regularly came home with his overalls covered in asbestos dust, according to his wife, Maria.

Mrs Dicioccio said: “Peter gave up smoking three years ago but he had previously been a heavy smoker.

“He was exposed to asbestos a lot during his working life when the risks were not known.”

Pathologist Dr Mohammed Aslam, who conducted the post-mortem examination, told the hearing Mr Dicioccio had died from pneumonia brought on by lung cancer.

He added: “The lung cancer was difficult to diagnose because it occured outside the lungs.

“It was not mesothelioma, which is usually associated with asbestos, and smoking was more likely than not the cause of the cancer.

“However, the asbestos exposure could have increased the risk.”

Recording a narrative conclusion, East Lancashire Coroner Mr Richard Taylor said: “Peter Dicioccio died on April 23rd from lung cancer having been a smoker and having been exposed to asbestos.”