Life-long Clarets fan Sheila dies

LOVING MEMORY: Sheila Bulcock (78)
LOVING MEMORY: Sheila Bulcock (78)
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The funeral of a popular Pendle parishioner and lifelong Clarets fan will take place on Tuesday.

Sheila Bulcock (78) died last Friday in Ward 5 of Airedale Hospital after suffering a stroke in January.

Originally from Nelson, Sheila was a regular at Sacred Heart Church, Colne, with the choir and the craft and chatter afternoons.

At 21-years-old she ran her late husband Ernest’s grocery store, in Bankhouse Road, Nelson, and for around 25 years she emptied fruit machines in pubs.

The former Whitefield Secondary Modern student would often attend musicals at the Pendle Hippodrome and plays at Colne Little Theatre, and she enjoyed going out for meals and visiting her friends.

Her greatest joy came from supporting Burnley Football Club, and since her last stroke in 2009 she never missed a home or away match. She is survived by children Christine (56) and Leslie (52), and grandchild Trudi (26).

Paying tribute, Christine said: “She was absolutely brilliant and a very caring person.

“I have lived with her for 52 out of my 56 years. When I got married I left for four years, but I missed my mum and rang her one night, and we found a six-bedroom house in the Keighley Road area where we could all live together.

“We have lived in Colne for 26 years, and we were like best mates really.

“She was such a friendly person and she never judged anybody - everybody was on a level playing field. I don’t think she had one enemy. People have said they will remember her with a smile, and I say she has done her job then.”

Sheila’s funeral will take place at 10am on Tuesday at Sacred Heart Church, and will be followed by a service at 11-40am at Skipton Crematorium. Donations can be made to the Stroke Association.