Government minister backs Burnley’s ‘booming’ economy

Vince Cable
Vince Cable

Burnley and its revitalised manufacturing industry was singled out for praise by Government minister Dr Vince Cable during a keynote speech.

The Business Secretary also compared Burnley favourably to other Pennine towns “down the road” and said the town was “booming economically” on the back of manufacturing and aerospace.

He was speaking to politicians and Government workers at the Local Government Association annual conference in Manchester last Wednesday.

Dr Cable, in highlighting disparities in economic growth across the North-West, singled out Burnley.

He said: “Burnley is currently now booming economically on the back of manufacturing and proximity to the aerospace industry; a few miles down the road some of the other Pennine towns are languishing.”

The ministerial accolade follows Burnley being named 10th for private sector growth and among the best in the North-West for high growth firms, by data analyst experts.

Council leader Julie Cooper said: “A new 40-acre Aerospace Supply Village, 73% of graduates getting a first class or 2:1 degree, one of the region’s first University Technical Colleges: as a council we do not make things, but we make sure those who do, have an environment in which to excel, and they are doing just that.”

Council chief executive Steve Rumbelow said: “The manufacturing ‘boom’ as described by the Business Minister, is an accolade for Burnley, but  an invitation to everyone else: come and join our success and be part of the boom, and be among the world’s best - Burnley is open for business, it is excel ling on the world stage, and so could you.”

Local companies such as Fort Vale Engineering at Simonstone, Rolls Royce in Barnoldswick, Saffran Airlle and AMS Neve are world -leading companies in and around the town which has double the regional and national levels employed in manufacturing.

The Local Government Association conference is the biggest event in the local government calendar and attracts more than 1,200 delegates.