Gas misery for Burnley couple as mains replacement work takes place

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ANGRY residents from Burnley have slammed an international electricity and gas company after being left without a gas supply for four days.

A husband and wife from Brunshaw Estate have labelled National Grid engineers as “incompetent”, following gas mains replacement work that was taking place around their property.

Workers who were carrying out a pressure test told the couple there was a massive gas leak in their home, and as a result cut off their supply on the morning of Monday June 11th. The fault was finally rectified at about 1pm on Thursday June 14th.

The husband, who has asked to remain unnamed, said: “We were off gas from Monday morning. We finally got it back on Thursday afternoon at about 1pm. It was a right performance.

“They were replacing gas mains in the area at the time and they came to pressure test our system.

“They thought there was a gas leak, but we have had no problems for 20 years, and we never smelt any gas before.”

According to the resident, there was no problem with the gas supply at all, and it was actually a fault of an engineer that had caused it to be cut off in the first place.

It transpired that while pressure tests were being carried out, one of the workers had accidentally left the cooker switched on.

The husband said: “It has been extremely difficult, and it made my wife ill with the harassment of it all.

“I was concerned that if there was a problem, I would be expected to pay.

“I was sat in the house for days, waiting for people to come and try and fix the problem.

“It is the incompetence of the engineers that got me.”

A spokesman for National Grid said: “We went to the property to restore a gas supply after we had completed our gas mains replacement work in the street outside.

“During the visit, our engineer detected a problem with the fire/back boiler in the property and, in accordance with our standard procedures, isolated the gas supply at the meter for his safety and advised the resident to contact a registered gas installer to carry out a further investigation.”