Fitness centre wins third school gym

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For a third consecutive year, members at a Burnley health and fitness club have once again won the UK portion of the global Technogym challenge over three weeks in March.

Out of 782 gyms taking part in the challenge – 219 of which were UK health clubs, members at Crow Wood once again came in the global top 20, and won the UK section, achieving a massive 3,095,551 “MOVEs”.

The prize for winning this year’s challenge is that Crow Wood will be able to nominate a Burnley school, who will receive £7,500 worth of Technogym® metabolic exercise equipment, a session of professional training for the physical education teachers and a seminar for pupils, parents and teachers on the importance of the Wellness® lifestyle.

Andrew Brown, Managing Director of Crow Wood Leisure, said: “The “Let’s Move for a Better World” campaign has once again been absolutely fantastic and the response of our members has been incredible, with 817 taking part.

“Each move members made whilst working out, helped us score more MOVEs. We are the only UK health club to get over three million MOVEs during a Technogym challenge and now we’ve done it three times.

“This has seen us contribute almost £25,000 worth of exercise equipment to Burnley schools.

All participants had their physical activity monitored using the same unit of measurement, the MOVE, as measured by the Technogym MyWellness Cloud equipment.

Mr. Brown added: “The challenge proved to be a great incentive and our members clocked up the hours in the gym to support our local community.

“We believe in making exercise an enjoyable lifetime habit and we need to start with young people, so we can tackle sedentary lifestyles, childhood obesity and diabetes.

“So we’re very proud of our members’ hard work and we look forward to contributing more Technogym equipment to a local school.”