‘Eyesore’ Padiham school to be bulldozed

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A former Padiham school branded an “eyesore” is finally set to be demolished four years after it closed.

The former Padiham Primary School building has stood empty and been left to rot since staff and pupils moved to a new school site across Burnley Road.

But now the 105-year-old building looks set to be bulldozed, closing a chapter in the school’s history.

Couty Coun. Marcus Johnstone, of Padiham and Burnley West, said: “The old school building has been derelict since the new building opened four years ago. I promised to do something about it during the election campaign and am delighted to say I have arranged for it to be demolished.

“Work is likely to start within the next couple of weeks and that means Padiham will be rid of what is an absolutely awful eyesore.

“It’s disgraceful it’s been allowed to rot for the last four years and it’s been sending out all the wrong messages about Padiham. I know people living in the immediate area are sick to the back teeth with having to look at a crumbling school building. It’s also really bad for the image of the town.”

No decision has been taken about the site’s long-term future and it could be used for a residential home for older people.

Alternatively, it could be used for a housing development but a decision will be taken in the autumn.

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “The county council tried to sell the buildings, but we’ve been unable to agree a sale. Based on the deteriorating condition and lack of a suitable purchaser, we decided to demolish the building.

“We believe the cleared site will be more commercially attractive for prospective buyers. Planning consent has been given and we’re waiting for utility companies to carry out preparatory work ahead of demolition.”