Eyesore building flattened at last

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An EYESORE building at a major gateway to Burnley has finally been demolished.

The former taxi office in Westgate has remained a blight along one of the busiest thoroughfares into the town.

But Lancashire County Council contractors began pulling down the decaying structure last week which lies just outside the Weavers’ Triangle regeneration area.

The news has been welcomed by key figures in the town as another step towards improving the image of Burnley.

A spokesman for Burnley Council said: “We welcome the news. It is an eyesore building at a gateway to the town and we support the fact that it has been demolished.

“It is a well-known building on a very busy stretch of road into Burnley. It will help improve one of the town’s major gateways.”

A spokesperson for Lancashire County Council said: “Following the findings of a structural engineer’s report of 2A Accrington Road, a decision was taken to demolish the property.

“Planning consent for demolition was obtained from Burnley Borough Council and as the property was located in a conservation area. Conservation Area Consent was also obtained from the Department for Communities and Local Government.”