Cliviger homes plans unveiled

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The residents of Cliviger have had their first glimpse at plans that could change the shape of their village for ever.

An early draft of the Burnley Local Plan, which includes suggestions to build hundreds of new homes in Cliviger and neighbouring Worsthorne, has been released for consultation.

Burnley Borough Council held the first of its public consultations on Friday at Cliviger Village Hall.

Up to 50 people attended the first lunchtime “drop-in” and reaction towards the plans appeared to be mixed.

A retired resident who lives in Richmond Avenue said that if homes were built behind his house, as they appear on the plan, he would be forced to move.

He said: “I retired to Cliviger because it is a village. New houses would blight the outlook from my home and could knock thousands off its value.

“There has been development in Cliviger recently that has been detrimental, for instance the new wind farm. I think the village will suffer tremendously.”

Retired coroner Mr David Smith, who lives in Red Lees Road, said: “I think it is wrong that they are allowing development outside the urban boundary. Apart from that there is no sewer in that part of Cliviger and I worry for the infrastructure, for example schools.”

A number of residents commented that primary schools in Cliviger and Worsthorne were already over-subscribed and worried how an influx of people would make the situation worse.

But the plans were favoured by some residents. Neighbours in Mereclough Mr Geoff Frost and Mr Alan Ridehalgh said the development would boost the local economy.

Mr Ridehalgh said: “I think the plans are reasonable. I believe the area would benefit from a boost in the population and so would local shops and businesses.”

Mr Frost said that so long as the new houses were in keeping with the local area he would have no objection.

The public are urged to attend future consultations which continue today. They include:

• Tuesday, September 2nd, Linkbridge Centre, noon to 2pm; 4-30 to 7-30pm.

• Wednesday, September 3rd, Terracefields, Burnley Wood, 4 to 6pm.

• Thursday, September 4th, Howard Street Community Centre, noon to 2pm; 4-30 to 7-30pm.

• Tuesday, September 9th, Worsthorne Reading Rooms, noon to 2pm, 4-30 to 7pm.

• Tuesday, September 9th, Thornton Arms, Worsthorne, public meeting, 7-30pm.

•Thursday, September 11th, Hapton Methodist Church, noon to 2pm; 4-30 to 7-30pm.

• Friday, September 12th, Padiham Town Hall ballroom, noon to 2pm; 4-30 to 7-30pm.

• Thursday, October 2nd, Burnley Town Hall, noon to 2pm, 5 to 7pm.