CHARITY: Asda shoppers help the Food Bank

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GENEROUS shoppers at a Burnley supermarket have been doing their bit for people in need.

In just two weeks shoppers filled two big trolleys at the Adsa store in Princess Way with food items for the East Lancs Food Bank.

Asda is the first supermarket to lend its support to the food bank, the non-profit organisation who deliver emergency food parcels to communities across Burnley, Pendle and the Ribble Valley, and food bank manager Mark Hirst said the response had been overwhelming.

“Asda actually contacted me in response to one of the articles that had been printed in the Express. They put the trolley at the end of one of the checkouts and people just put food in it as they walked past. It didn’t have to be a lot, just a tin or two that they were able to spare. We’re really happy with how it has gone and it’s nice that it’s local people who are supporting the cause.

“Asda has offered to help us more now as well. We’ve taken the trolley away for the time being because we didn’t want to over do it but it will be back. We’re going to be looking at doing bag packing and collections in the foyer as well.”

The items collected, which will now be bagged up by volunteers at the food bank and sent out, came to a total of £238.

Asda’s community life champion Michelle Holmes said they were happy to be supporting such a worthy cause and would be doing a lot more in the future.

“We asked customers and staff to donate items and they still are. Even though the trolley is being used for Easter at the minute, people are still putting items in it for us to give to the food bank. The trolley will come back but in the meantime if anybody does want to donate items then they are still more than welcome to.”

Mr Hirst added: “It’s a good start and hopefully more supermarkets and shops will now begin to help us. We want as many people as possible to get behind the food bank and help us to raise awareness of a problem that is only going to get worse.”

Anybody wishing to donate items or volunteer their time can do so by visiting or ringing 01254 352591.

• The Burnley Express is now a food bank collection point. Anybody wanting to drop off any tinned goods are more than welcome to do so at our front counter.