BUSINESS: Barden Mill and Pendle Village Mill stores merge

Barden Mill.
Barden Mill.

TWO of the area’s mill shops are to merge.

Burnley’s Barden Mill is moving lock, stock and barrel to Pendle Village Mill, at Brierfield. The site could be developed for housing and its popular marina looks set to expand.

Barden Mill.

Barden Mill.

The move will mean some job losses at Burnley, but it is not yet clear how many of the staff will be involved.

Barden Mill’s owner Jason Fildes and Barry Lockwood, of Pendle Village, have talked about the possible joint venture to create a mill superstore for years. The move is expected to be completed within three months.

Said Mr Fildes: “We’re taking as many people as we can, but some people will not be able to transfer; unfortunately, it will be the tea room staff and the cleaners.

“The plan is to put together the best that we can both provide. They are very strong in carpets, rugs and furniture and we can provide the rest.

“We’re not trying to do a Boundary Mill, because that’s more like a department store. We want to be a traditional mill shop in a traditional mill. It is completely different.”

The move from Barden Lane will be made one department at a time, and begins today with the launch of a massive relocation sale.

It will be the end of a decades-long family connection with the mill which in its heyday ran 110 Jacquard looms and employed nearly 100 people.

The business fell foul of cheap foreign imports and closed in the 1970s but the building was reborn as a mill shop which soon gained a reputation for bargains, and for supporting local charities.

A growing tourist trade prompted the development of a £1.2m marina on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal with stunning views of the countryside.