Burnley trader sells out-of-date choc to cut food waste

Muhammed Hussain
Muhammed Hussain
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A market trader from Burnley has launched a “sweet” new business selling out-of-date chocolate.

Muhammed Hussain (35) opened the Smart Chocolate stall on Accrington Market which sells confectionary past its sell-by-date

The father-of-three, of Merton Street, started the enterprise to help cut down on food waste and prove the food is still perfectly edible.

He said: “The amount of food we waste is incredible. Supermarkets sell this stuff off for pennies and it goes out of the country or often it just goes in the landfill.

“I thought that this was not right. People are dying in the world because they cannot get fed and we are just throwing food away.

“You do not even have to look at places like Syria and Africa – how many people here in Burnley are having to go to food banks.

“We need to help each other – people should not have to go to food banks.”

Mr Hussain buys up stock from supermarkets that is “out-of-date” but the majority of items are just short-dated.

He then sells the items, which include chocolate, crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks, to customers at a fraction of the retail price.

The stall has been such a success that he has seen customers coming from across East Lancashire.

He said: “It is gone really well. The savings can be as much as 70% or 80% which is a lot for families.

“Even if it says it is out of date, it is still edible.

“More people should take the idea. I am sure it would be a huge success in other towns.”