Burnley tot fights infection after farm trip

Bethany Hewitt, ill after farm park visit (s)
Bethany Hewitt, ill after farm park visit (s)
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A Bank Holiday trip to a farm park left a brave Burnley toddler battling a viral infection in hospital.

Brave little Bethany Hewitt spent three nights in the Royal Blackburn Hospital after falling ill during the day trip with her parents, Sarah and Andy and big sister Amelia (seven).

Sarah, of Cog Lane, said: “It was a worrying few days for us but Bethany was so brave and good.’’

The family were aware Bethany was poorly when her eyes started to swell up and turn red during the outing but they did not become concerned as she suffers from an allergy to eggs and this has happened before.

Sarah said: “We gave her some Piriton which our GP has always advised us to do. That usually settles it but this time she just seemed to get worse and developed a chesty cough. I took her to the doctors and they transferred her to the hospital from there.’’

The tot was given oxygen and an inhaler to help her breathe properly and spent three nights on the children’s ward. Tests revealed she had a viral infection brought on by an allergy but they could not find a cause.

Sarah said: “To find the cause they would have had to carry out the tests within two hours of the symptoms showing.’’