Burnley Remploy jobs are under threat

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JOBS at a Burnley factory which employs mainly disabled workers could go after bosses announced they are calling for voluntary redundancies among staff.

Remploy, based on the Smallshaw Industrial Estate, which makes and prints cartons and boxes for retail and commercial customers, currently employs 40 workers and is one of 54 factories across the UK. Remploy bosses said that their factories had been badly hit by the current economic climate and stressed that anyone who opts for redundancy will be given help to find main-stream employment.

A company spokesman said: “Our factory businesses have suffered the effects of the current economic climate and do not have the level of business that we need and anticipated. Many of our factories do not have enough work and are operating at less than 50% capacity. As a result Remploy is not fulfilling its mission to provide sustainable employment opportunities for disabled people.

“The company is constantly examining ways of improving efficiency and has announced that it plans to offer voluntary redundancy to employees working in our enterprise businesses and central services. This scheme is entirely voluntary and every employee will be able to choose if they want to apply for the severance package. We will ensure that any employee who decides to leave and wants to continue working will have guaranteed support from our employment services to find another job.

“The trade unions have been informed of this decision and we will be consulting with them on implementation of the voluntary redundancy programme.”

The Burnley branch’s workforce covers the IT sector, engineering, toiletries and hardware although the products are sold for a wide variety of uses.There has been a factory in Burnley since 1950 with the first set up in Cog Lane.