Burnley leads fight against fly-tipping

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Despite there being more than 12 incidents of fly-tipping a day in Burnley, the council had the highest prosecution rate for the offence in the country in 2014/15.

A Freedom of Information request by the Press Association found that 92 out of a total of 4,663 such incidents in the Borough resulted in a prosecution.

Burnley Borough Council prosecuted 157 people in 2012/13 when there were 3,923 incidents.

This figure rose to 5,201 incidents the following year, but the number of prosecutions fell to 107.

Cabinet member for the environment John Harbour said the relatively high rate of prosecutions showed the council’s commitment to clamping down on fly-tipping.

“I am pleased with these figures because they show that we are listening to residents’ concerns” he said.

“It shows that we take the problem seriously - especially when we take people to court for persistent anti-social behaviour.”

But despite having the highest prosecution rate, Burnley was one of just four boroughs outside of London to make the top 10 for the highest number of fly-tipping incidents reported per 1,000 of the population.

Cllr Harbour believes this reflects Burnley residents’ belief that their concerns will be acted upon.

“Residents make these complaints because they know that if they do contact the council we will act on it,” he said.

“If people are behaving in an anti-social way then we will do everything we can to pursue them.”