Burnley footbridge to be taken down

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A footbridge in the Piccadilly area is being closed and taken down after it was found to be becoming unsafe.

The steel structure links Raglan Road to Burnham Gate across the railway near Manchester Road station.

The bridge is corroded to the point that it is not cost-effective to repair and could pose a potential risk if left in place over the railway.

Lancashire County Council is asking people to use alternative crossing points within 150m in either direction until funds are available to replace it.

Work will take place in June to remove the bridge and close-off the path.

Work takes place overnight on Saturday, June 29th, to lift the bridge out to avoid disruption to the railway. Burnham Gate will be closed from 6pm on June 29th to 6am on Monday, July 1st, to allow the bridge to be dismantled before being taken away.