#BrilliantBurnley will change perceptions of town

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Burnley’s powerful Bondholders group has launched a major campaign to create an air of optimism among residents and change perceptions of the borough outside the area.

The #BrilliantBurnley campaign will feature a series of colourful and informative graphics to reflect the massive strides taken in the town from industry and education to enterprise and stunning new facilities.

Burnley Bondholders is a network of private companies and public organisations who have joined forces to create one of the most effective business forces in the country.

The first graphic forms part of a leaflet which is being distributed to Bondholder member firms and organisation which employ 4,000 people across the borough. It highlights a series of positives about Burnley ranging from the large number of new projects in the town to the benefits of Burnley’s location and proximity to open countryside and transport networks.

Burnley Bondholders sppokesman, AMS Neve managing director Mr Mark Crabtree, said: “The intention of this first newsletter, put together by Andrew Henderson of Lanway IT, is to inform and so trigger the same wave of positivity that we Bondholders feel through the entire town – so more and more of our colleagues, friends and family can respond positively with confidence when anyone asks what Burnley is about.

“Burnley Bondholder organisations, are directly connected to some 4,000 staff, which in turn connect to their extended families, friends and contacts - so we are aiming to create a powerful network of ambassadors.”

The theme of September’s campaign is to be education and will tie in with the opening of the new technology college in Trafalgar Street, Burnley.