Blast for Padiham ‘grot spot’ landlords

Perseverance Mill
Perseverance Mill
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A LEADING councillor has called on owners of notorious Padiham grotspots to show some “social responsibility” to the town.

Coun. Andy Tatchell said eyesore sites were a blight on Padiham, and called for pressure to be kept up on absentee landlords.

The Gawthorpe ward councillor pointed to the Perseverance Mill site, which has been branded the worst in the borough.

The former textiles factory has been a haven for firebugs, vandals and fly-tippers, and attempts to clear hundreds of tons of rubble from the land have been slow.

But Coun. Tatchell also highlighted other problem sites in the town, including disused allotments in Grove Lane, which he said had become a “wilderness”.

He said: “It’s about time some of the owners of large areas of land in and around Padiham started showing some social responsibility to the residents of the town.

“The Perseverance Mill site is by far the worst in the borough, and the Grove Lane wilderness also cries out for remedial action,” said Coun. Tatchell.

“It is another example of a landowner showing scant regard for local residents, and is also a real eyesore.

“Both sites’ landowners appear oblivious to the blight on the landscape, and the detrimental effect on the quality of life for people living nearby.”

He said that despite court orders brought by Burnley Council, the Perseverance owners seemed to just shift rubble around the site, with little progress.

He added that he hand his colleagues, together with Burnley Council would keep up pressure on the absentee landlord.

The council has sent repeated letters to the owners of the allotment site, but the landlord says the site is “under review”.

Coun. Tatchell said: “The pressure must be stepped up to repair the quality of local amenity in this part of Padiham.

“I am sure that if either of these sites were on a gateway through the borough, some European or Government funding pot would have put them right by now.

“It’s no good driving into a town whose gateways and thoroughfares look good when this sort of sight, behind the scenes, is making life a misery for people who live locally.”