91% of North West workers want more rights in gig-economy jobs

The gig-economy is expected to grow in the coming years.
The gig-economy is expected to grow in the coming years.
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A survey by a leading UK jobs board has revealed that 91% of North West employees agree that gig-economy workers need more rights and protection from the government.

Statistics reported by totaljobs, who surveyed nearly 5,000 workers and over 100 businesses, reveled that while such a high percentage of North West workers thought more legislation to protect gig workers was necessary, 55% of respondents in the area nevertheless had a gig-economy job.

Nationally, 90% of employers and employees agree that gig economy workers deserve more rights, with the need for more comprehensive legislation clear given that nearly half (45%) of employers who do not currently hire gig economy workers saying that they would in future.

The gig economy has been on the rise for several years as individuals turn to self-employment in favour of more flexible working arrangements, reflected in a 24% annual increase in the number of contract and freelance roles advertised, and a 36% rise in candidate applications, according to totaljobs.

“It’s great to see that employers and employees are united in calling for broader rights and protections for those working within the gig economy," said David Clift, Human Resources Director at totaljobs. "More and more people from a wide range of sectors are adopting flexible working options."

It is estimated that five million people work in the gig economy in the UK, representing around 16% of the total full and part-time workforce, and provided regulations can prevent employer exploitation, the gig economy could have a beneficial impact in the future, with 41% of unemployed people in the UK said they would consider working in the gig economy.