£20,000 damages for weavers who lost hearing after working at Padiham mill

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FORMER weavers have won £20,000 in damages for hearing loss at a Padiham mill.

Ex-workers at Perseverance Mill received compensation claims totalling thousands for conditions such as tinnitus and loss of hearing.

Many who worked in the weaving sheds at the Albion Street site were exposed to noise levels of between 93dB and 102dB from the looms.

Manchester-based WE Solicitors LLP, which is fighting the cases of many ex-mill employees, explained people exposed to noise levels of 102dB only need to be exposed for around 10 minutes for their hearing to be damaged.

Many of these mill workers were exposed for five or more full working days a week so by the time hearing protection was introduced, the damage had already been done.

Some claims are still on-going for Perseverance Mill workers even though the site closed down in 2005.