Burnley writer honoured to see her words set in stone

Laura Sherdian
Laura Sherdian
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A Burnley writer has had a part of her award-winning article embedded into the surface of the town centre’s £3.95m improvements scheme.

“It is certainly the most unusual prize I have ever won,” said Laura Sheridan, the secretary of the town’s two writing groups.

Laura, from Scott Park Road, Burnley, was thrilled when her 500-word story “Sun’s shining on t’Other” won first prize in a short story competition organised as part of the first Burnley Literary Festival with the unusual prize – a phrase from the winning entry being carved into the paving in the town centre.

“Most competitions offer cash prizes but this was much better than a financial award,” she said. “To see my words set out in the middle of the town, and watching people pausing to read them, knowing they will be there for many years to come is unique. I am honoured and delighted.”

The words chosen to be placed on the three lines of paving were: “Never mind, when it’s cloudy on one side sun’s shining on t’other.”

Laura has been secretary for a number of years of both Pennine Ink Writers who meet weekly and the monthly group Burnley and District Writers' Group.

She also helps at a reading group in a local library and teaches part-time at a homework centre and has still found time to write and publish ten novels on Amazon as well as short stories and a book of poetry.

But her pen-name is G.L. Sheridan because, she says: “There are so many Laura Sheridans. My first name – Giacomina – is virtually unpronounceable unless you are Italian.”