Burnley Wood rubbish mountains misery for residents


“mountains of rubbish” are being piled high in backyards of empty houses in Burnley Wood.

Britannia Walk resident Mr Michael Mobey said “enough is enough” and called on Burnley Council to take action action against the fly-tippers who are scarring the landscape.

Mr Mobey, who took photos of the rubbish which has been dumped in the back yards of empty and derelict homes believes the only real answer is to demolish the buildings as quickly as possible.

He said: “I sympathise a little with the council as it clears the rubbish, which sometimes just hours later is replaced by even more rubbish. It is particularly bad in Parkinson Street.

“The answer is to get on with the demolition because as long as these buildings are standing the opportunity will still be there for people to dump their rubbish.

“It is making an eyesore of the area and is a health hazard as it will be attracting rats.”

Sean Spencer, Streetscene’s services manager, urged residents to contact the council if they had information relating to fly-tippers, and said investigations were carried out for clues.

“The council is working with volunteers from the fire service in Burnley Wood to carry out weekly environmental audits. Any problems identified are passed through to the Streetscene department to take any necessary action.

“We are also working with community groups in Burnley Wood and the neighbourhood watch scheme to help us increase the reporting of environmental crime.

“This approach has been extremely successful in the Leyland Road area and is a model the council would like to replicate in Burnley Wood.”

Jonathan Jackson, Streetscene solicitor, said: “Burnley Council has a zero tolerance policy towards fly tipping and is one of the most successful councils in the country at tackling it.

“We will investigate anyone who is found to be responsible for fly tipping in order to make Burnley a cleaner, greener and safer place to live.”